Cruise Tips / 10 Top Tips for Sailing Solo

Are your clients cruising alone? Here are 10 tips to pass along!

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By Toby Saltzman 

1. Travel savvy and trust your instincts. Be alert and observant and exude confidence rather than vulnerability. 

2. When leaving the ship, always take the port information sheet that lists contact details in case of emergency. 

3. Before sailing to a foreign country, register with the Canadian Consulate.

4. The best way to engage with like-minded guests is to be friendly and attend organized mixers like cocktail receptions, trivia events, table-tennis, shuffleboard and golf putting contests.

5. Attend classes for cooking, wine-tasting, cocktail mixology and bridge lessons.

6. Joining guided shore excursions is a perfect way to meet adventurers with mutual interests.

7. Wear a smile when dining alone. Dollars to donuts, people at a nearby table will strike up a conversation. My best opening line: “How are you enjoying this ship (or port, or itinerary)?”

8. Inform the cruise director if you are interested in dining or having tea with other people.

9. Revel in your surroundings on deck and turn people-watching onto an art.

10. Enjoy the self-indulgence of solitude. Let the sea days be liberating, empowering and your panacea for introspective healing. 

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