Cruise Tips / 5 Instagrammable Canada Ports of Call – Part 3

Here are ShipsAhoy's 5 Instagrammable Canada Ports of Call – Part 3!

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

Whether on board or on land, cruise passengers can hit their Instagram feeds sharing their best travel experience pix.

We take a look at the Instagrammable ports of call in this 4-part series. Here are our #ShipsAhoy #Insta favourites across Canada – Part 3.

Do you have more favourites to add to our list?

1. Gwaii Haanas, British Columbia

GRAMRS go for the super unbeatable spots that offer the ultimate backdrop. SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the southern tip of Haida Gwaii / Gwaii Haanas tops the Insta-worthy list.

Your posts will have to wait until you get back in town because there’s no Wi-Fi but who cares you’ll have a bucket list experience of an exclusive spot only accessible by authorized cruise companies.

“It contains all the cache elements: exotic, hard-to-reach, bucket list, wondrous, at the very edge of the world so to speak,” says Maureen Gordon, co-owner of Maple Leaf Adventures, a boutique expedition cruise company with cruises scheduled from May through August.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is an Instagrammers dream port. Picture cobble stoned streets, bustling indie shops and charming restaurants with a French flare in a storybook setting. Prepare to snap tons of digi photos. In fact, as one travel expert says the Chateau Frontenac which overlooks the port is one of the most photographed locations in North America.

Caroline Tetu who is with the Port of Quebec and Tourism Quebec says, “The Old City is adjacent to the port so visitors can capture shots overlooking the harbour, looking up at the Chateau and hill, and to the neighbourhoods beyond.”

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

“Right in Downtown and the view of the city and the North Shore mountains are amazing,” starts Andrea the other half of the travelling duo who describes sailing away from this cruise terminal as “spectacular.”

The five sails on the pier at Canada Place are super spectacular.

And ever since the unveiling of Canadian artist and writer Douglas Coupland’s digital Orca sculpture over by the Jack Poole Plaza occurred in 2010, the selfie crowd has grown.

Don’t miss striking a pose at Coupland’s digital Orca sculpture.

4. Sydney, Nova Scotia

It’s easy to break into a dance move as you enter the port of Sydney. There’s only the world’s largest fiddle ready to welcome you just outside the cruise ship pavilion.

Nicknamed the “Big Fiddle” the massive 60-foot sculpture pays homage to Cape Breton’s Celtic heritage and of course its fiddle traditions.

Insta- hit, you bet!!

5. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Oh the joys in seeing whales, puffins and bobbing bits of icebergs floating past Newfoundland’s iconic Iceberg Alley.
The other big joy – sailing into the St. John’s harbour.
The Insta-sensations start immediately as the cruise terminal is within easy walking distance from downtown. For a candy-colour backdrop head to the legendary Kings Road to see a line of houses painted in super happy hues.

Another Insta-reason to hang in picture-perfect St. John’s – you get bragging rights telling your followers that you have just arrived at the most easterly port in North America. It’s also the closest point of land to Europe. 🙂

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