Cruise Tips / 5 Sails to Romance

Here’s how your clients can romance the waves and put the “love” back in “Love Boat.”

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

Romance cruises don’t have to be experienced only when cupid plucks his bow on Valentine’s Day. Couples can canoodle on board the finest vessels where hearts and kisses flow as freely as the Danube River throughout the year.

Some ships go one step further in the romance department with special offerings ideal for honeymooners and couples who want to escape.

Here’s how your clients can romance the waves and put the “love” back in “Love Boat.”

1) One Ocean Expeditions

Nothing could be finer than bonding with your other half crossing only the world’s most tumultuous body of water – the Drake Passage. But consider once the dramatic wave action of the “Drake Shake” or the “Drake Lake” (fun terms to describe various bodily hurls) subsides, the world of Antarctica opens. Pinch yourselves as you view towering glaciers, whale watch, and explore the bottom of the world, all the while realizing this sail spells R-O-M-A-N-C-E like no one else can. One Ocean Expeditions has haute cuisine, spacious cabins with windows, but what sets them apart from the other sails, are the life-long bucket list experience with experienced ocean scientists.

2) Carnival

Whether you’re looking to get hitched (again) or just want total relaxation on Cloud 9, Carnival has the romance escape hatch covered. Grab your partner and take your lifetime of love to the high seas, celebrating everything from the time you’ve spent together, to the many years to come!! The ship’s captain acts as the wedding officiant as you later sail this Love Boat in newly wedded bliss.

3) SeaDream

Grab a bottle of bubbly and head up to the deck for star gazing as you and your other half whisper “Amore, Amore” sailing down the venerable Amalfi Coast. Cruise pros on board the SeaDream certainly accentuate the fine details in the romance department. For Collette Stohler, creative director of the couples travel blog, Roamaroo, it was SeaDream’s unforgettable turn-down service on her honeymoon cruise. She says, “The crew set up a bed on the top of the ship, away from the rest of the guests. We could watch the night sky from the comfort of our plush bed.”

4) MSC Cruises’ Yacht Club

Cupid’s tying a bow around these romance cruises. Think chocolate fountain and even a personal butler. Private pool and sun deck, a festive champagne bar, a fantastic spa, luxurious suites and refined gourmet dining to boot. Couples whisper sweet nothings as the chocolatier creates a flowing wall of mouth-watering chocolate. MSC Yacht Club sets the mood for your client’s next romantic cruise getaway.

5) Princess Cruises

For those of us old enough to remember, the seventies hit-TV series, “The Love Boat” starring Julie McCoy, your trusty cruise director; and Gavin MacLeod, your friendly captain, this cruise brand’s familiar. While the Pacific Princess, the TV ship, is long gone couples seeking romance can still find it on board this cruise company’s youngest ships: the Crown Princess, Emerald Princess and Ruby Princess. For onboard romance canoodle on pool deck watching “Movies Under the Stars,” then enjoy a night cap at the private lounge, Adagio.

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