Cruise Tips / 7 Summer Bucket List Cruises Worth the Splash

ShipsAhoy provides 7 must-see summer cruise destinations!

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

Mention summer vacay. Thoughts of quiet getaways at the usual favourite summer hang-outs might occur. Then again, the idea of battling long line-ups in unbeatable heat coupled with family one-on-one time might not be so vacay-worthy after all.  

But a summer cruise on one of those bucket list itineraries might just fit the bill. Here’s where to go with or without the Fam on the next summer bucket list dream cruise.

1. The Bliss

Anything with the word Bliss has to be good. The Norwegian Bliss is the first cruise ship custom-built for the ultimate Alaska cruise experience. In this 7-day Alaska cruise Mum and Dad hit the deck for whale watching as the largest at sea go kart racetrack will keep the teens occupied.

2. The Arctic

Guaranteed Arctic landscape viewing coupled with endless sun and wildlife viewing like polar bears and reindeer will make any cruise lover go ga-ga. It’s a thrill to be above the Arctic Circle as you enjoy this bucket list experience by zodiac boat, by foot or staying on the ship. Experienced naturalists lead the tours. Cruise companies: One Ocean Expeditions; Natural World Safaris with National Geographic photographers.

3. Antarctica

Might as well head to this South Polar continent … in luxury. There are ample luxury vessels that’ll be sure to have guests clinking crystal champagne glasses making the ultimate toast in this dream trip. See penguins, icebergs and more. Cruise companies: Seabourn Quest, Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition, Scenic Eclipse

4. The Amazon River

It’s time to head to the remotest corners of the Amazon jungle in the ultimate rainforest cruise. Revered as the world’s last great wilderness, this river cruise is like no other on Earth. Reason: The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, and its soul is the namesake river that cuts through nine different countries.   The only question now is, “which part of the Amazon River do you want to cruise?” Cruise companies: Delfin Amazon River Cruises; Aqua Expeditions.

5. Myanmar

This must-see destination is an out-of-this-world experience via an enchanting river cruise. Guests float past exotic scenes of hidden sanctuaries, age-old temples, and vibrant swathes of colour be it the saffron-red robes worn by the monks or the candy-coloured longyis worn by local women.  On shore, the magical mystery tour continues as you immerse in local culture and beauty. Small cruise companies: Belmond Cruises; Pandaw Cruises; Avalon Myanmar; Emerald Waterways’ Irrawaddy Explorer

6. The Northern Lights

In this once in-a-lifetime experience let the journey begin aboard a ship as the brilliant Northern Lights waltzes in the sky. While you’re at it see the stunning fjords of Norway under the light of the midnight sun, explore Scandinavian cities and get an incredible glimpse of other historic havens like St. Petersburg, Russia. Cruise companies: MSC Cruises Northern European itineraries

7. The British Isles

Unique itineraries to the fabled British Isles set this nautical voyage apart. Visits to the far flung islands, iconic cities and charming coastal towns add to the allure. With over 6,000 islands at high tide there will never be a dull moment. The smaller ships mean quainter ports of call for unforgettable seaside discoveries. Cruise company: Cruises & Maritime Voyages

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