Cruise Tips / 7 Ways to Keep Bad Weather from Ruining Your Cruise

Here are ShipsAhoy's 7 ways to keep bad weather from ruining your cruise!

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By Ilona Kauremszky

Once on a Caribbean cruise during the hurricane season we thought the party would be over. Think again. While the outdoor activities were closed due to gale force wind action inside the disco dance floor was gyrating as strong as the disco ball strobing above our heads. The more the ship dipped the newer the dance step became.

Don’t let the bad weather ruin your good time on board a sail. Here are 7 ways to keep bad weather from ruining your cruise:

1. Onboard Entertainment Staff go into Overdrive

You really know what kind of creative juices flow from a cruise staff during bad weather. Cruise ships like most things in life have a Plan B. Plan A of course would be to enjoy the sunny climes of the seafaring destination but Plan B doesn’t have to pale in comparison. You’ll notice the onboard entertainment staff will usually expand the indoor recreational repertoire to old fashioned games involving play. There could be trivia games and scavenger hunts or film screenings with plenty of popcorn.

2. Arts and Crafts

Explore your creative side. Cruise staff in many cases schedule impromptu workshops and interactive sessions like ‘how to carve animal sculptures from watermelons’ or perhaps painting classes using watercolors.

3. Socialize

Like it or not the crowds will be apparent now that everyone’s indoors. So you might turn grumpy but don’t let that detract from spoiling the fun. It’s often during the unpredictable moments where lifelong friendships could form.

4. Pamper Me

Book a spa treatment, one that will get you so mellow and relaxed the after effects will have you make an early night. A spa day is the perfect activity to do solo, with your partner or friends. If the spa’s out of reach due to a strict pocketbook then consider drumming up some ensuite serenity-now-moments. Nothing like creating your own in-cabin spa day of manicures and pedicures. Do some robe reading too. Load up on good reads via your favourite digital device or the old-fashioned hard copy way.

5. Dine Around

Don’t let a crummy day outside spoil what’s going on inside. Chefs will be busy sharpening their carving knives and simmering those sauces for hot culinary experiences. If you didn’t have time to explore the rich assortment of delicacies that major cruise lines enjoy dishing out to their passengers, now’s your chance. What are you waiting for? Head to the buffet line or sit by the window at the ship’s cafe and dare to try those French pastries calling out your name.

6. Make it a Memorable Cocktail Hour

It’s surprising how long one can nurse a cocktail but don’t hold out too long because after all there’s nothing to detract from any hard pressed schedule seeing that the weather is not cooperating. But on the other hand, the mixologist will cooperate. Decide on one of the handful of onboard bars and make it a mini-destination. Peruse the cocktail menu, place the order and prepare to make a toast.

7. Put Fitness First

Many cruise lines have onboard fitness centres equipped with the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Some cruises even have fitness instructors. Those squats and cardio sessions that have been neglected can take centre stage now as you have the time to take the time to put fitness in your rain day schedule. The results will be worth it especially on a cruise full of amazing eats.

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