Cruise Tips / 9 Waves to a Stress-Free Cruise

Shipsahoy provides 9 tips for your clients to have a stress-free cruise this season!

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

The big sail day has finally arrived. You think your client’s got the whole cruise-thingy covered. Think again.

Here are 9 sticky notes on Stress-Free Cruises:

1) Plan ahead: Pre-book shore excursions, specialty dining, and spa appointments, so you don’t spend your first day on the ship standing in line to do so.  

2) Ditch the noise: Lori Sheller, Vice-President of Cruise Development for Tourico Holidays says, “Many cruise lines offer adults-only pool areas, such as the Sanctuary on the Princess.  There are generally fees but well worth it if you are looking for a stress-free, relaxing day.”

3) Book a drink package before you go:  It’s pure psychology. Throwing down $10,000 to book your vacation? It’s not that big a deal to add an extra $300 to your bill for the beverage package and just be done with it. Vice-President of Sales Steven Simao with Windstar Cruises says, “As a rule, there is no savings gained by purchasing your beverage package once onboard. Sometimes it can be cheaper or even included in a special cruise rate in advance.”

4) Spa day: Buy a day pass for the spa, which will give you access to spa facilities that usually include a sauna, whirlpool, steam room and relaxation room. Many cruises offer well-being packages with these perks included.

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