Cruise Tips / 9 Waves to a Stress-Free Cruise

Shipsahoy provides 9 tips for your clients to have a stress-free cruise this season!

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5) Keep fit: It’s hard to push away from the all-you-can-eat-buffet lines. A visit to the ship’s Fitness Centre not only means you’re working cardio which will be appreciated later in the evening as you hit the dance floor for some Boogie Nights but there won’t be a guilt-factor associated next time you return for seconds.

6) Enjoy the ship’s surrounds: Most cruise lines have big eye candy that’s worth a closer look. Some ships even boast their own privately curated art galleries. Mindful escapes are a blessing even on a fabulous nautical voyage. A diverse selection of artwork will debut with Seabourn Ovation in May.

7) Enrich your experience with on-board activities: You can be a winemaker for an afternoon as you enjoy wine tasting and learn the ins and outs in winemaking as you mellow like the fruity notes of Beaujolais. For an extra charge onboard Holland America BLEND has the first purpose-built wine blending venue at sea.

8) Enjoy your experience with active off-shore excursions: Active doesn’t necessarily mean rock climbing or zip-lining but depending on your fitness level, consider signing up for hiking and biking tours. Hit a cycling path and pedal past the tulips in Holland or hike well-worn trails that have been around for centuries in Germany. It’s incredible what stretching the legs on terra firma does to the mind. AmaWaterways has recently expanded the company’s new Wellness Program which is rolling out on six ships this year.

9) Upgrade: For a truly stress-less cruise, consider spending a bit more on an all-inclusive luxury line. No standing in line, no tipping, concierge service, and other pampering amenities can go a long way.

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