Cruise Tips / How To Choose The Best Cruise – Some Qs to consider

Here are Qs to consider when choosing the best cruise

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

Cruises are not one size fits all – never was and never will be.

An insider once compared cruising to the hotel and resort industry. Like the accommodations sector, cruises have their own specialties and appeal. The good news for consumers: cruise companies have distinct brands to make them stand out from the others.

Today you can customize your sailing experiences. Match your personal interest to the right ship.

Here are Qs to consider when choosing the best cruise:

What do you want out of this cruise?

Many passengers look forward to the dining and entertainment. The key points are good food, gambling, nightly performances, and ample activities. These diversions could range from the more relaxed sitting in a deck chair watching the world go by to the louder Adrenalin induced feats like wave rides and wall-climbing.

What’s the purpose?

Are you looking for a romantic getaway maybe a second honeymoon? On the other hand, a family cruise vacation could include tiny tots up to teenagers and young adults. Then there are the parents and grandparents turning the entire cruise into a memorable multi-generational trip.

Are you going solo?

Some major cruise companies waive what’s known in the industry as a ‘single supplement.’ This single supplement fee is applied as an additional room charge because you are technically in a room for two.

Are you organizing a cruise for a group?

Some ships can tailor group activities. The size of the ship comes into consideration too. For instance, a ship might turn into an exclusive cruise for your guests only. For groups, there’s also a chance a ship will create private function areas designated for your group.


These ships are large ship brands so anticipate crowds with incredible daily activities.


These ships are considered premium brands which translate into boutique sized vessels with more luxury touches.

Talk to a cruise specialist

Now the next time you skim over cruise line websites in your early research or drop by your nearest travel agency to pick up cruise brochures that are loaded with pretty pictures and route itineraries, remember there are travel advisors. Tell them it’s a cruise vacation you are after and see what happens. Just like the many facets in cruising, travel advisors come in all types of specialties.

There are cruise specialists who can help match your interests too. 🙂

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