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Here are ShipsAhoy's Cruise Do's and Don'ts!

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

One cruise insider suggests cruise passengers try new things on their cruise.

It’s true. Cruises have an unlimited list of Do’s and Don’ts. Do you go back to the food buffet for second helpings?

At we have made a tearsheet of some Cruise Do’s and Don’ts. These tips are sometimes the overlooked points that could come in handy. Have other tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

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– Get off the ship at your port-of-call and enjoy excursions. It’s time to experience new destinations, immerse in different cultures and add lifetime memories.

– Switch it up at meal times. On cruises the easy buffet dining means swapping tables and chatting with other cruisers who could even become new friends.

– Plug your nose and go for the plunge. When small ships anchor in secluded coves that look like a scene out of a movie, often times, passengers enjoy a refreshing dip. You won’t be able to swim off big ships but you can swim off the back on smaller ones.

– Think of being flexible on your cruise dates. If you lock yourself into a date you might just miss out on some good discounts.

– Arrive early. We know many times cruise ships won’t have cabins ready upon embarkation but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ship’s amenities. Try out the food and pools.

-“Always look at your daily planner for specials on drinks, spa treatments and freebies,” says Rhonda Weaver, a travel agent who publishes the travel blog, Roaming Red Feather.

– Register for events before you board, says one Disney Cruise specialist. “Even if you’re unsure if you’ll go if there’s a chance, book it. Check the rules, but you can often cancel later without penalty,” says Alisha Molen, creator of

-If you are prone to seasickness don’t book a cabin on an upper deck or at the bow. The lower decks and the back or middle are best.

-Don’t smuggle food off the ship. “Most cruise ships in certain ports don’t allow you to take cruise food offshore,” says Will Hatton, a travel blogger who recounts how a lady once tried to circumvent that by hiding pizza and sandwiches in her clothes.

-Don’t forget to bring cash when you visit a private island. Stephen Prisco, cruise guru and VP of Sales at explains that most cruise lines that have their own private islands don’t remind you to bring cash for tipping. “The Labadee cruise port in Haiti is a perfect example. These employees rely heavily on tips and you’ll feel terrible if you don’t have some cash to give them,” he says.

-Don’t claim chairs by the pool. Many people head to the pool early on sea days and put a towel down on chairs in prime locations to save them for later. “The problem is so bad,” says Tanner Callais, founder of, “that these folks are called chair hogs.”

Ilona Kauremszky
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