Cruise Tips / Fun, Adventurous and Uncommon: Millennial and travel bragging rights

Travel is all about the bragging rights!

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Ever wondered how much it would cost to travel to all seven continents before turning 30? One group that doesn’t seem to mind is the millennial traveller, who seems to be in it for the social proof and passive bragging rights online. With luxury visits to Antarctica cruising has proven to be one of the fastest ways to see the world at once. With Millennial looking towards the future believing they only have one life to live, and a short amount of time to see the world. Being the first to reap the rewards of new challenges across borders all for the chance to be the first in their group of friends to earn bragging rights at the next party. Did you hear about so and so? For working Millennial vacation means being different, with an emphasis on exploring new places.


Destinations such as the Galapagos and Antarctica are appealing to adventurous types looking for something different. People are looking for uncommon experiences and wildlife spotting that doesn’t feel like commercial tourism. Species that don’t exist anywhere on earth, Millennial are willing to pay a premium for the full Darwin experience. Custom travel cruise companies like G Adventures or Myths and Mountains, appealing to a generation looking for rare places.


AMA Waterways is doubling down on the 2017 lineup for river cruises involving active lifestyle, with more than 100 sailings involving hiking adventures or bike tours. For people who are avid hikers and cyclists, travelling abroad and staying active has never been more appealing.


Princess Cruises offers great packages to Alaska for glacier spotting, national parks and diverse wildlife. With Salmon rich waters available all around, you can catch and enjoy meals fresh off the boat. Adding the authentic local tastes of Alaska lifestyle.


“Traditional travelers choose Antarctica only after they have covered all other continents, whereas millennial start with Antarctica as part of a YOLO – you only live once – attitude” – Todd Smith


Millennial prefer to take shorter but more frequent trips, making cruising the ideal path for those looking to get it all done before 30.


Whether people prefer using traditional cruise routes or taking the off-beaten path, the preference for complex, interesting adventures that go beyond the tourist experience is becoming popular among all generations of cruisers.

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