Cruise Tips / Healthy Cruise Tips To Consider Post Coronavirus Outbreak

Healthy Cruise Tips To Consider Post Coronavirus Outbreak

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Like everyone watching the developments unfolding over the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis we here at understand the urgency our cruise industry is facing with a myriad of issues.

One of the hot topics is staying healthy.

Once we turn the corner on this global crisis cruising will resume.

Here are 5 Healthy Cruise Tips to consider for that sunny day.

Wash Your Hands

We’re hearing this mantra more and more. Stick to it. You reduce the chances of infection.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Have that tickle on your nose? Need to flick those hair strands off your face? .. maybe you walked into a wind tunnel resulting in some leafy bits left around your eye area – whatever you do, Don’t Touch.

It’s well known that touching your face with hands that most likely have been in contact with potentially harmful surface areas – it’s the invisible stuff we can’t see – that could kick start a reaction to unwanted pesky bugs or dangerous viruses.

Stay in shape

The ocean cruises with its lengthy days at sea create the ideal moments to work on those burpees and take a spin class. Sign up for the early morning yoga class. Watch the sun inching its way up as the big ball of yellow rises in the horizon. Breathe and exhale. Namaste.

Watch What You Eat

Sure the open all-you-can-eat buffet has everything under the sun with your name on it. There’s your favourite calorie-soaked dessert, fried foods, and the creamiest sauces but thankfully many cruise lines have picked up on the calorie-wise practices. Check with your cruise line on the new dining options where some menu items highlight sustainable, locally sourced, and healthy dining choices.

Catch the ZZZZs

Cruise lines offer entertainment in a variety of ways with many options that occur in the evening. Think of the night shows, the live acts with performers singing Broadway tunes to acrobatic stunts of Cirque Du Soleil proportions. After showtime, there’s a meet-up with new cruise friends that might occur at one of the ship’s lounges or perhaps the songs of yesteryear have you channeling dynamic poses on the dance floor. Remember, there is tomorrow morning to consider.

Moderation goes a long way. Keep a life balance on board and see what a good night’s sleep can do. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy another cruise day. Lucky You!!

As Azamara President and CEO Larry Pimentel has said, “We know, this too shall pass, and we are optimistic that very soon you’ll be excited about planning your next cruise vacation.”

For updates on staying informed and healthy during the coronavirus crisis check these websites:

World Health Organization (WHO
Government of Canada
Government of Canada COVID-19 information line:1-833-784-4397
Well on Your Way – A Canadian’s Guide to Healthy Travel Abroad

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