Cruise Tips / Million Dollar Cruise Agencies Share Their Best Practices for Wave Bookings

A recent Avoya survey revealed top tips and best practices from some of the highest producing independent agencies

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What’s the best way to navigate Wave season? Avoya Travel asked some of its top producing independent agencies for tips and tricks on how to prepare for Wave season and maximize sales for the year ahead.

Of the surveyed independent agencies in the Avoya Network that produce over US$1 million in annual sales, 95% revealed they have plans to or are already preparing for Wave season, when cruise bookings ramp up as the new year kicks off.

More than 85% of survey respondents say they prioritize organization and planning, bolstering customer relationships and professional development. Others cited networking and events as ways they get ready for Wave.

The Avoya survey also revealed other top tips and best practices from some of the highest producing independent agencies in the Avoya Network. While some of these tips include Avoya tools, the ideas behind them can be helpful for agents no matter what their host agency affiliation:

• Set a goal
• Get organized with the right systems to maximize bookings
• Keep your scripts updated – and use them
• Use an automated calendar
• Reach out often to past clients and lost leads
• Brush up on professional development and supplier education
• Know the promotions
• Prepare to work long hours

Avoya also asked its top million-dollar producing independent agencies to forecast sales and trends for 2018 Wave. The overall outlook is positive:

• 80% of the Independent Agencies surveyed expect agency sales in 2018 Wave to be better than or the same as Avoya’s very strong 2017 Wave and sales year.
• With the majority forecasting growth, the most common reasons given by independent agencies in the Avoya Network for why 2018 Wave sales will be better than 2017 include pent-up demand from travellers who may have held off in 2017, an improving economy and increased inventory with new ships and itineraries.

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