Cruise Tips / Pregnancy Policies to Know Before you Book your Cruise

ShipsAhoy provides pregnancy policies for 8 cruise lines!

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

Thinking of taking a cruise while you’re expecting? Sounds good. Relaxing on board, enjoying the in-room amenities, and exploring the ports of call via organized shore excursions – all before your new baby arrives.

But for one expectant mother, a dream cruise trip was crushed by reality. 
The 10-member family, instead were denied entry, met an AR-15 wielding guard, and were escorted outside the premises, left to wait for their luggage in the Miami heat. She was 25 weeks pregnant.

Cruise companies have pregnancy policies. Know the rules before you book a cruise. Here’s what you need to know.

Please confirm these tips prior to booking with your cruise line or agent.

1. Disney Cruise Line
Due to safety concerns women either in their pregnancy’s 24th week as of their embarkation date, or will be in their 24th week of pregnancy during the cruise, will be refused passage due to safety concerns. Forget having a physician’s medical statement or a waiver of liability either. These documents will not be accepted. 

2. Holland America Line
Similar scenario as above. Pregnant women cannot have begun their 24th week of pregnancy before or during the cruise. Pregnant guests must provide their name, booking number, ship and sailing date with a physician’s letter stating the expected due date, medical fitness to travel and the pregnancy is not high risk. 

3. Crystal Cruises
Crystal Cruises is unable to accommodate women who will enter their 24th week of pregnancy before or during the cruise.

4. Seabourn
Seabourn cannot accept a booking or welcome any guest who has begun their 24th week of pregnancy at any time before or during the cruise. All pregnant women are required to produce a physician’s letter stating that mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel, and that the pregnancy is not high-risk. The letter must also include the estimated date of delivery (EDD). 

5. Chimu Adventures
Polar cruise specialists, Chimu Adventures, abide by a general policy: women in weeks 1 – 13 of pregnancy and weeks 22 onwards are not permitted onboard. However, pregnant women in weeks 13 to 22 who have been cleared by their doctors are welcome but must be aware of the lack of medical facilities and are advised to keep their doctor updated of what they will be doing. 

6. Un-Cruise Adventures
Women in their third trimester (greater than 24 weeks, but less than 30 weeks) must submit a letter from their physician granting permission to travel by boat (and for air travel, if applicable).

7. Ponant
Women who are over six months pregnant are not authorized to sail.

8. Star Clippers
Any medical condition or physical disability that may require special attention or treatment must be advised to Star Clippers Americas at the time of booking. Star Clippers, Ltd. regards third trimester pregnancy as a travel risk and reserves the right to refuse passage to pregnant women. 

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