Cruise Tips / Ten Things To Do Immediately After You Board

10 activities to consider once you board your cruise

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By Ilona Kauremszky

Those nights dreaming about the azure sea and the exotic ports of call are possible as you step off the gangway into that highly sought after cruise vacay.

Usually you’ll have a few hours to spare before the cabin is ready.

So now what do you do?

Here are 10 activities to consider once you board your cruise:

1. Explore
For this exciting adventure get out there and explore your surrounds. Some folks enjoy a quick self-guided ship tour to get the lay of the land. Use the cruise map and start making the rounds. This walk will give you a better understanding of the various decks and on proximity to key things like pools, spa, restaurants, bars, casino, day care/play area and the other popular places you’ll want to enjoy during the sail.

The free roaming time also allows you to make those reservations to some specialty restaurants and shows as well as other trip notes.

2. Hello Guest Services
Head to Guest Services to schedule or reschedule special event tickets and request an upgraded room!

3. It’s Pool Time
Lots of cruisers pack swimwear in their carry-on. Your luggage will arrive at your cabin a couple of hours later so this way immediately after boarding your cruise ship, it’s easy to head to the pool. Some eager beavers even like to wear a swimsuit under their clothes to give them maximum pool time benefits before the cabin loaded with the luggage is ready. Find your favourite pool area and chill. You’re ready for the pool lounger!

4. Buffet or restaurant?
It’s lunch time so look for a foodie spot. The buffet is great. You can feed everybody at the buffet. Be prepared because it’ll be busy. After all, it is embarkation day. Some cruises have restaurants open for lunch. Read blogs or online tips from insiders sharing their recommendations on which ones are open and ready to accept lunch passengers.

5. To Wine
Track down the cellar master or beverage director and negotiate a custom wine package based on wines that you want to enjoy. The wine choices could even include hidden gems that might be in the cellar but not on the wine list presented at dinner.

6. Be Responsible
Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits and muster locations.

7. Meet and Greet
Go to your cabin and introduce yourself to your cabin attendant when you see them. Now is a good time to share any special requests like extra towels, washcloths, and pillows.

8. Drop by the Spa
The best way to kick start a relaxing cruise is with a massage and some much needed spa time. With so many guests on board it’s best to book your treatment as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Also, in the spa you can find some welcome aboard deals. On the first day the spa staff will be wandering aboard to welcome you. It’s a good time to ask questions.

9. Kiddie Diversions
Register for the Kids Club. For families on family cruises head to the kids club for an open-house style registration. The time spent there will give kids the opportunity to check out the club with their parents and to meet all the counselors plus make a couple of new friends before the activities even begin.

10. Create a Unique Cabin Space
Once inside your cabin, you’ll be able to unpack and create your own home away from home. Have pictures of family members on display. Cabin doors all look the same too. Consider adding a little spice to yours. It could be as simple as a piece of coloured paper hanging on the door knob or the door.

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