Cruise Tips / Top 10 Items to Pack for Hot Weather Cruises

ShipsAhoy's 10 pointer list on what to pack to stay cool

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By: Ilona Kauremszky

You have finally booked that incredible Caribbean cruise that’s been water cooler talk for years. Everyone thought you never would do it.

You have. Now your thoughts have turned to imagining tropical coastal breezes, sizzling hot days onshore, swimming in the ship’s pool and enjoying the onboard amenities as you refill your glass with your new favorite cruise cocktail.

While all the above is still a dream there’s still the reality on what to pack.

Stop to think about what to pack for your warm weather cruise in the Caribbean or some other hot exotic destination.

Here is a hefty 10 pointer list on what to pack to stay cool:

1. Passport holders and dry pouches

Don’t forget your passport. It sounds obvious but keep copies of your passport and your passport in a safe sturdy passport holder. Avoid getting personal belongings like your wallet and phone getting wet and use dry pouches.

2. Suitcase
Have a reliable suitcase on wheels with a good extendable handle that works as soon as you grab your case at baggage claim. Invest in a hard case so your stuff stays dry. These suitcase designs often have expansion zippers making those cruise purchases easier to pack as you watch your suitcase grow in size.

3. Water bottle/Travel Mug
Get the no-spill, vacuum insulated coffee cups to keep beverages hot so when you disembark in the morning the cup of java will be your friend longer. The Caribbean means hot and thirsty times so it’s important to stay hydrated. Bring your own stainless steel water bottle for easy refills plus these canisters keep your cold beverage for longer periods. We like that you won’t be creating extra plastic waste by saying ‘no’ to all those plastic water bottles.

4. Portable Clothesline
Your bathing suit and wet shorts from your kayak excursion need to dry overnight so why not take a portable elastic clothesline with adjustable clothespins? Most cruise lines offer a clothesline in the shower but sometimes you need additional clotheslines especially when travelling with family members or a plus-one guest.

5. Underwater camera

Whether you take one of those waterproof disposable cameras or invest in a fancier model you won’t have to worry about camera malfunctions or breakdowns if you pack a good waterproof camera. Now get ready for your underwater close-up.

6. Portable hand held fan
Don’t laugh but you can instantly enjoy coolness with a handheld portable fan. This mini gadget is easy to take anywhere and doesn’t cost much either. You can take them along with you where ever you go – be it beach, shops, or dining. It’s well worth the investment.

7. Ziploc bags
Consolidate your essentials from toiletries to other items and use these bags that act as good separators. Plastic bags come in handy as waterproof cases too.

8. Sun hat

We know, easy to say but sometimes easy to forget – pack a good collapsible hat to protect you from the SUVs.

9. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent bracelets
Essential items to ensure you don’t get sun burns or nasty bug bites.

10. Waterproof jacket
Find one that’s thin enough to fold. You don’t need heavy duty Gor-Tex but one that can keep you dry even during bad weather… not that it’s going to rain on your sun cruise. 🙂

Ilona Kauremszky
Travel Writer
Ilona Kauremszky is an award-winning travel writer and former syndicated weekly travel columnist who regularly pens stories for trade, consumer and digital platforms. For, the bonafide cruise enthusiast interviews cruise influencers, reports trends and spotlights the latest in cruise news.

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