Cruise Tips / You’ve Been Thrown Into ‘Cruise Jail’, Can Travel Insurance Help?

Here are a few tips on what you can expect when the unexpected happens!

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Each year, millions of cruisers enjoy unlimited meals, drinks by the pool and onboard entertainment, however, some travellers end up trading vacation bliss for cruise jail. Travellers who land in cruise jail are also at risk of being ordered to disembark their cruise at the next port. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down how travel insurance may help if a traveler is thrown into cruise jail.

Taken into Cruise Jail Custody
All travel insurance providers have 24-hour Emergency Assistance, which can include legal assistance. Travellers who find themselves in cruise jail can call their provider’s emergency assistance line to get help with finding a legal advisor. Their travel insurance provider may also be able to provide payment for legal fees. They can also help the traveller arrange a funds transfer from a family member or friend.

While Emergency Assistance will provide the traveler with immediate help, it’s important to understand that if the traveller was put in cruise jail because of an unlawful act, their travel insurance will not provide any coverage. Breaking the law is always excluded from travel insurance coverage.

Abandoned in a Foreign Country
If a traveller ends up in cruise jail for an offense that’s worse than just having a little too much to drink, they may be ordered to disembark from their cruise at the next port. Being alone in a foreign country, especially if the traveller doesn’t speak the language, can be scary. Travel insurance can help make arrangements for hotel accommodations and transportation home. However, if the traveller is in the situation because they broke the law, they will only receive help making the arrangements and won’t be paid back for any of these expenses.

Alcohol and Cruise Jail Don’t Mix
If a traveller was intoxicated when they were detained and put in cruise jail, travel insurance will not pay them back for any expenses. Intoxication is always excluded by travel insurance providers. Additionally, a claim will be denied if a traveller needs medical treatment for an injury or illness and their medical documentation indicates that they were drinking past the legal limit.

Squaremouth compares travel insurance policies from every major travel insurance provider in the United States. Using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and third-party customer reviews, travellers can research and compare travel insurance policies side-by-side. More information can be found at

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