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River Cruising from a Unique Point of View...Yours.

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You see life differently. While others chase what’s popular, you follow your own path. Your own voice has never led you astray. You’ve arrived, knowing what it’s taken to get here. At Avalon, we share your unique point of view. That’s why we’ve designed a cruise experience that’s just a bit different. Spaces are bigger. Views are more epic. Excursions are more enriching. It’s a step beyond the ordinary, but knowing you, we think you’ll feel at home here. Welcome aboard.


We changed the river cruise industry by designing our ship, and our entire river cruise experience, around our guests. We call it Inspired Design. And it’s the reason we stand far above our competition. Not only do we boast the largest standard staterooms and suites on the European waters, our amenities are countless, including fitness centers, flat screen TVs, Sky Deck with shade system, premium lounge chairs, whirlpool, free Wi-Fi, and many more. We’re also renowned for having the best Certified Local Guides in the business and land excursions that are second to none. Plus we revolutionized river cruising by introducing Avalon Choice® cruising, which allows you to customize every last detail of your river cruise, so it’s a one-of-a-kind experience created specifically for you. We also continue our reign as the newest fleet on the European rivers. In an industry with an average ship age of seven years, ours average fewer than three. Which means you are assured, no matter what the itinerary, world-class amenities and state-of-the-art technology.


Rivers of France

Paris to Normandy’ s Landing Beaches || Paris to Paris || 8 days

Burgundy & Provence || Paris to Côte d’Azur || 11 days

Burgundy & Provence || Côte d’Azur to Paris || 11 days

Grand France || Paris to Côte d’Azur || 16 days

Grand France || Côte d’Azur to Paris || 16 days

Rhine & Rhone Revealed || Amsterdam to Côte d’Azur || 16 days

Rhine & Rhone Revealed || Côte d’Azur to Amsterdam || 16 days


Waterways of Holland & Belgium

Tulips of Northern Holland || Round trip Amsterdam || 8 days

**NEW** Essential Holland & Belgium || Amsterdam to Vilvoorde || 8 days

**NEW** Essential Holland & Belgium || Brussels to Amsterdam || 8 days

**NEW** Enchanting Belgium || Amsterdam to Namur || 9 days

**NEW** Enchanting Belgium || Brussels to Amsterdam || 9 days


Rhine & Moselle

Romantic Rhine || Zürich to Amsterdam || 8 days

Romantic Rhine || Amsterdam to Zürich || 8 days

Canals, Vineyards & Paris || Paris to Amsterdam || 10 days

Canals, Vineyards & Paris || Amsterdam to Paris || 10 days

The Rhine & Moselle || Amsterdam to Basel || 13 days

The Rhine & Moselle || Zürich to Amsterdam || 13 days


Upper Danube

A Taste of the Danube || Budapest to Vienna || 8 days

A Taste of the Danube || Vienna to Budapest || 8 days

Danube Symphony || Vienna to Munich || 9 days

Danube Symphony || Munich to Vienna || 9 days

The Legendary Danube || Prague to Budapest ||11 days

The Blue Danube Discovery || Budapest to Prague || 13 days


Lower Danube

Balkan Discovery || Budapest to Bucharest || 10 days

Balkan Discovery || Bucharest to Budapest || 14 days

Blue Danube to the Black Sea || Vienna to Bucharest || 14 days

Blue Danube to the Black Sea || Bucharest to Vienna || 14 days


Multi-River Cruises

Central European Experience || Paris to Prague || 12 days

Central European Experience || Prague to Paris || 12 days

The Upper Rhine to the City of Music || Zürich to Vienna || 12 days

Highlights of Germany || Munich to Basel || 13 days

European Splendor || Amsterdam to Vienna || 13 days

European Splendor || Vienna to Amsterdam || 13 days

Magnificent Europe || Amsterdam to Budapest || 15 days

Magnificent Europe || Budapest to Amsterdam || 15 days

Jewels of Central Europe || Paris to Budapest || 17 days

Jewels of Central Europe || Budapest to Paris || 19 days

Grand Danube Cruise || Prague to Bucharest || 18 days

Grand Danube Cruise || Bucharest to Prague || 18 days

North Sea – Black Sea Cruise || Amsterdam to Bucharest || 24 days

North Sea – Black Sea Cruise || Bucharest to Amsterdam || 24 days


Festive Season

Christmastime in Alsace & Germany || Basel & Frankfurt || 5 days

Christmas in the Heart of Germany || Frankfurt to Prague || 8 days

Christmastime on the Danube || Prague to Vienna || 9 days

Christmastime on the Danube || Vienna to Prague || 9 days

Christmastime Frankfurt to Budapest (online ONLY) || Frankfurt to Basel || 13 days

Christmastime Zürich to Budapest (online ONLY) || Zürich to Budapest || 17 days

Christmastime Zürich to Prague (online ONLY) || Zürich to Prague || 12 days


Nile River

Highlights of Egypt || Cairo to Cairo || 9 days


Yangtze River

Magical China & the Yangtze River || Beijing to Shanghai || 12 days

Cultural China & Tibet with Yangtze River || Shanghai to Beijing || 16 days

Enchanting China & the Yangtze River || Beijing to Shanghai || 16 days


Southeast Asia

Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong River || Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap || 13 days

Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong River || Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City || 13 days

Golden Myanmar & the Alluring Irrawaddy || Yangon to Yangon || 14 days

Golden Myanmar & the Alluring Irrawaddy || Yangon to Yangon || 14 days


South America

From the Inca Empire to the Peruvian Amazon || Lima to Lima || 11 days

Ecuador & It’s Galápagos Islands || Quito to Quito || 9 days

Discover the Galápagos & Peru || Lima to Quito || 15 days




Avalon is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and to reducing its dependence on non-renewable resources. In this endeavor, we have implemented policies to support this mission and are working carefully to enhance our products with this mission and our values combined. We are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and/or regulations.

Avalon maintains a policy of “Leave Only Footprints and Take Only Photos”. Our staff and major service providers strive to ensure that no removal of any natural or cultural artifacts or materials to ensure our environment looks and functions the same before and after our visit. Our cruise directors educate passengers on our “do no harm” code of conduct to ensure that the passengers comply.



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