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Supplier: Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises announced the launch of their new brand campaign – Explore Further – which greatly expands and tells the story of the brand’s commitment to connect people with people; people with cultures; and people with themselves by enabling them to look at life with a new perspective.

Explore Further launches the addition of 900+ new tours that are focused on the intimate experiences craved by the well-versed traveller. With overnight stays and docking at smaller, less-travelled ports, Azamara welcomes guests to step on land as an insider and to travel deeper, beyond the initial layers of a city.

Examples of the new, expanded shore programming include:

Cook with a Parsi Family in their Home – Mumbai, India: As part of Taste Local, guests can embrace the rich culinary traditions of India’s Parsi community with a special visit to the home of a local family. The deeply personal experience takes an intimate look at Parsi culture as guests participate in the preparation of traditional dishes.

Evening of Traditional Vietnamese Fashion – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Through Nights Local guests take an insightful look at the artistry of Ao Dai, the customary dress of Vietnamese women known for its vibrant pastels and elaborate patterns. Guests will also explore a gallery at Saigon House, watch a traditional fashion showcase and listen to traditional music.

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