News / Meghan Markle: Which cruise ship will she christen?

Christening passenger vessels is a time-honoured tradition among the women of Britain's royal family.

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Supplier: USA Today

For Duchess Kate, it was the Royal Princess — a new Princess Cruises vessel that debuted in 2013. For Princess Diana, it was another Princess ship of the same name that debuted in 1984.

For Queen Elizabeth II, it’s been a long list of vessels including Cunard Line’s Caronia, Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2.

Christening passenger vessels is a time-honoured tradition among the women of Britain’s royal family, and there’s no reason to think the tradition will stop with the arrival of royal newcomer Meghan Markle.

The question swirling in the cruise world this week in the wake of the American actress’s engagement to Britain’s Prince Harry isn’t whether she’ll be christening a ship in the coming years but which one.

Knego, a cruise journalist and historian who has written for a number of publications including USA TODAY, suggests a much-awaited new ship on order for Cunard might be the perfect candidate for a Markle bottle smash. Cunard has had a long and storied relationship with the British royal family that goes back to the royal christening of the original Queen Mary in 1934.

Given that the as-yet-unnamed Princess vessel will be a sister to the Princess ship christened by Duchess Kate — soon to be Markle’s sister-in-law — the tie-in is perfect, notes Driscoll.

Carolyn Spencer Brown, the Chief Content Strategist at Cruise Critic, the leading cruise review and information site, is eyeing a ship from yet another line as the logical choice for Markle’s first christening: The as-yet-unnamed first vessel from start-up Virgin Voyages. Like Cunard, Virgin has ties to Britain. The company is a joint venture between Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Bain Capital.

Still, Spencer Brown’s personal pick for Markle’s first ship christening would be a little different.

Saga long has been a solid, tradition-bound U.K.-based cruise line perhaps most famous for setting its minimum-age-to-sail at 50 years old, Spencer Brown notes.

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