News / Ocean cruisers eyeing smaller waterways, according to study

Ocean cruisers eyeing smaller waterways, according to study

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Supplier: Riviera River Cruises

FORT LAUDERDALE – Avid cruisers are being converted. 34 percent of past ocean cruisers are considering taking a river cruise instead in 2021, according to a new study conducted by Riviera River Cruises.

In addition, 79 percent of survey respondents said they are more likely to take a river cruise than an ocean cruise next year.

“In the past, there’s been little crossover between ocean and river cruising, with ocean cruising accounting for a significantly larger share of the market. Right now, however, we feel there’s an opportunity to showcase the benefits of river cruising to that audience, which previously may have discounted this form of travel,” says Marilyn Conroy, Riviera River Cruises’ Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America. “Our intent is to highlight that river cruising shares many of the aspects of cruise travel they love with additional benefits that address some of the concerns they may have about ocean cruising when ships begin to sail again. They don’t have to look away from cruising altogether – instead, they can look toward rivers as a fantastic alternative.”

The Riviera study identified some of the concerns ocean cruisers may have, including the number of passengers on board and “sea days.” For example, it showed that for 84 percent, sharing the experience with fewer fellow passengers was a key reason to prefer river cruising, while being docked at a destination every day was an important consideration for more than 50 percent. 

Some of the ways a Riviera river cruise addresses these concerns include:

– Riviera’s river cruise ships carry between just 121 and 169 passengers, a far lower capacity than most ocean cruises, yet the ships themselves are modern and very spacious.

– The cabins and suites on Riviera’s ships measure up to a generous 312 square feet, including a spacious bathroom. And there are no inside cabins; each one has a window or balcony.

– There are no “sea days” on a Riviera river cruise; the ships dock each day in a destination and it takes just seconds to walk on shore, often steps from the main sights. The ships also often stay late or overnight in port, so guests can spend more time exploring.

The survey was conducted as part of a “Less Is More” campaign to promote the positive aspects of river cruising in 2021. To celebrate the launch of the campaign, travel advisors will have a chance to win a free cabin on a 2021 river cruise by joining the Riviera River Cruises Agents group on Facebook, following Riviera on Instagram and signing up for communications through the Agency Portal on Riviera’s website. One winner will be selected at random from advisors who complete all three by Dec. 31, 2020.



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