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The innovations enriching the cruise guest experience will be complemented by a suite of tools for the crew.

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Supplier: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is going on a tech binge, rolling out an unprecedented number of digital innovations that touches every aspect of its business.

Through the app, Royal Caribbean promises guests that they can board ships in the time “it takes to order fries from the drive-through,” skipping check-in lines thanks to facial recognition technology. Guests can also sign up for shore excursions, order drinks and make dinner reservations through their smartphones, and indulge in VR and AR experiences that transform ship spaces into virtual environments and interactive games.

Moreover, the app will unlock guest staterooms and enable guests to control stateroom lighting and temperature.

To return that time to guests, the company is combining technologies ranging from facial recognition to RFID tagging to GPS mapping to Bluetooth-enabled beacons to streamline boarding, manage check-ins automatically and improve wayfinding.

An initial release of the cruise guest app is already available on selected ships in RCI’s fleet. Schneider said RCI will continue to refine the app, adding new ship-specific features and capabilities, with each subsequent release.

The innovations enriching the cruise guest experience will be complemented by a suite of tools for the crew, as well. For example, the app-enabled offerings for guests will be mirrored on the crew side by mobile applications that help crew members check-in guests, complete required paperwork, track delivery of guests’ bags to their staterooms, and interact with guests and anticipate their needs throughout their vacations.

In addition, crews will have access to easier means to manage their own schedules, stay connected to friends and family while onboard, and stay connected to RCI during their off-contract periods.

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